!!! (Part 2)

November 21, 2010

About time I got around to this. Apologies for the delay. Here’s an image of a Taj Mahal hot air balloon as compensation:

So, yeah. Here’s how it started: on the back of a press release during a particularly uninteresting interview:

The Flight of the Conchords plan was subsequently abandoned.

(I have no idea whose phone number that is)

Here’s how it turned out in the end. Pretty close to the first draft, I’d say:

!!! (Part 1)

September 5, 2010

Explanations soon.

(Props to KK for the title of this blogpost, being an exploration in the odd dissonance of Krishna Ananthian online discourse)

Freeloading Till Friday

June 28, 2010

This one’s epic. Mostly true story of how I survived the last week of April with 100 bucks.


June 15, 2010

(From Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, page 86)

The New House

April 6, 2010

So I moved into a new house.

My previous roommate, a nice enough fellow who used to switch off the fridge at night to ‘conserve electricity,’ decided to move on to better things despite being paid more than me for approximately 1/10 of the work (If you’re reading this, S – you know I’m right)

After fighting back nightmarish flashbacks of my house hunt last year, where Delhi’s real estate options for the financially challenged seemed to consist of

  1. 1.    Bat-infested caves with an attached toilet.
  2. 2.    A 1BHK+T setup where the individual rooms were on separate floors or, in one horrible case, in separate buildings. (I kid you not. A broker actually showed me a flat in Saket where the bedroom was on the second floor, the bathroom in the basement and the kitchen ACROSS THE ROAD in another building)

…I managed to find a nice house in a posh locality that I could afford.

Except things can never work out normally, can they?

So a week before I move in, person of Low Moral Fibre breaks into the place via the back, ignores the roommate’s laptops, cash and sundry valuables, and escapes ONLY with the washbasin, the toilet commode and six taps.

So the day I move in, the only way to get water was to bring a wrench to a stubby little knob in the bathroom and twist clockwise, which would make a stream of water fall from a hole in the wall.

So I go to meet the landlord, who looks and speaks like this chap:

He asks me where I’m from. ‘Madras,’ I say.

He stares at me, as if I were some spectral manifestation of a madrasi rather than a flesh-and-blood variant. “You don’t look like a Madrasi,” he says finally.

“…But I am!” I offer weakly.

My guess is that the landlord has since made a mental note that I’m not somehow normal, because he seems to react to everything I say with the glee of an alien ethno-biologist discovering that this strange creature is, indeed, a bit like the rest of us.

The man also believes that everyone in Tamil Nadu grinds dosa batter to pass the time.

Weekend Adventures 12

March 17, 2010

This weekend,  I met China Mieville:

Saw this:

met one of Delhi’s Chair Reapers:

Ate this:

And played lots and lots and lots of Ticket to Ride:

Lists updated.

February 17, 2010

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I’ve put up a bunch of new thingies to aspire to the coming year- most are next to impossible.

Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone!

These are all the special cases. They’re a little more personal than the others.

Part 1 was all the new stuff. These are some old ones I never got around to scanning:

possibly my favourite one to draw

More tomorrow.

I had five minutes with a digital camera in a room illuminated by one 100 watt light bulb. Apologies for the funny but inevitable shadows, and clicky click for larger size versions.

side profiles!

part of an attempt to draw pages instead of individual strips. they're both equally unfocussed and random, though.

this is all true. Keventers is a tiny bakery near Wengers in Connaught Place.

the second law should sound familiar to fans of The Wire.


true story.

More tomorrow.