December 30, 2008

So, 2008.

2008 was the year I looked largely like this:


…either largely bewildered, swept up in things either incomprehensible, or just filled to the brim with sheer bad luck. (This was also the face I wore listening to M’s rendition of THAT PARTICULAR JAMES BLUNT SONG on my birthday)

This was a year of madness, sheer cheerful lunacy and long stretches of unrelenting malaise. There was, off the top of my head, the theft of electronic equipment, the creation of the cookbook of abominations, the debauchery of alcoholic WTF, endeavours in public speaking, the use of explosives on primates, Jaundice, Pneumonia and the use of spoons to throw projectiles at people (If you’re reading this G, I’m so so sorry. I had no idea what I was doing)

Taking a cue from my employers, I’m going to summarize the year now, in neat categorized bullet points (with visual aids!).

Moments of complete and utter clarity

– Way back in February,  sitting on that table in ACJ’s ‘Lab 1’, feet dangling in the air, in the middle of some ludicrous deadline with 23 computer keyboards clattering away, telling N that I was ‘terrible at letting people get close to me.’ It was a strangely surreal, jarringly heartfelt moment – just came out of nowhere.

– Finding that place behind the first bookshelf at Landmark in Citi Centre with A, sitting down in front of the Bodybuilding and Pro-wrestling books, and racing each other to finish China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun. Oh, brilliant stuff.

Viva la Binja!

Viva la Binja!

-That particular lunch/evening snack thing at Chandiras – where L, B, K and I discussed the finer points of Tamil culinary hygiene and eating habits.

– Every game of Guitar Hero. We were all strangely deprived of it – being able to play only sporadically, or in uneven bursts. The standout session, of course, involved the cunning theft  of a TV set, and managing to take it up two floors and three corridors without anyone noticing.(Strangely, me and A.M would repeat this feat six months later, only this time – we dragged it shiftily through the streets of Rajendra Nagar at 10 pm)

(It’s not often that I can claim the Kaiser Chiefs made my year better. But they did)

– That sudden, inexplicable craving (courtesy K and L) to watch the Senthil Banana Joke.Change lives, that clip can.

– Calling an old college friend on a whim after getting placed in Delhi, telling her, rather excitedly, that I was coming to meet her. It was a childish, supremely joyous call, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that we were jumping about like chipmunks on pogo sticks throughout. (Then, of course, she moved to Mumbai before I got there)

– A’s arrival in Delhi – and breaking up the euphoria of her arrival with grave news of the July Twitter Controversy. Priceless.

– Momos in Janpath.

– Giggling like an idiot after holding G’s hand, those immortal Chajju Ram jokes that followed, and moments in subsequent weeks where I felt like this:picture-3

– The phrase ‘There is a monkey on my t-shirt’, and how it’s seared into all the walls of the little enclosure in my head that contains all my embarrassments and moments of absolute social idiocy.

Moments of complete and utter despair:

– Missing the last train to Rohini at Kashmere Gate near Midnight, after a particularly long and wrong day. Then running out of money and patience on the *endless* inevitable auto ride.

– Leaning against my employer’s large logo on the side stairwell of the office in complete defeat, shouting ‘Fuck! Fuck!’ at all the dustbins and walls, which were faintly amused. Then breaking down on the phone, losing all coherence and ability to make sense.

– Sitting on the balcony on a Thursday morning in July, head in my hands, preparing to go for a funeral.

– The long, uncomfortable, completely silent walk from Kodambakkam to a nearby bus stand, wondering if farewells were supposed to be this terse and cold.

– Being told, by one of the security guards at office,  that I look like Narenda Modi.

– The phrase ‘There is a monkey on my t-shirt’, and how it’s seared into all the walls of the little enclosure in my head that contains all my embarrassments and moments of absolute social idiocy.

Okay, okay,i’ll admit there are times this post delves a bit too deeply into personal territory, and thats annoying – yes. But its all true.

Happy new year to you all! Have a great 2009!


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