Sorry, Couldn’t Resist

January 13, 2009

From my employer’s Exit Interview form:



6 Responses to “Sorry, Couldn’t Resist”

  1. Z said

    Makes me laugh each time I look at it!

  2. gauri said


    I wrote something similar on mine. Boss was a sweetheart, though; was expecting something like that anyway 🙂


  3. Vandhana said

    Lanfear,of course.

  4. Vandhana said

    oops. Asmodean I meant.

  5. Vandhana said

    Grrrr. Sleep-deprived. GRAENDAL. GRAENDAL. GRAENDAL

  6. sottai said

    @Gauri: Wow, that’s a remarkably rare boss. I chickened out when someone told me my severance pay depended on the answers. =D

    @Vandhana: Nuh-uh. Everyone knows it was Narg the talking trolloc.
    Or Shaidar Haran, cause he has the coolest name ever.

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