Weekend Adventures

January 19, 2009

This weekend, looking for a table for a friend,  I was nearly tempted by this:



Features advanced Snakes-and-Ladders playing A.I, no doubt.

…but then I had no money (and I figured my friend wouldn’t want this) , so I went home and set this fellow up instead (it refused to stand, so I have him here lounging against a windmill): dsc00024




I also bought a very nice Hindi poster about books which I’ll post sometime later.

Then I roamed around for a bit and saw this:



4 Responses to “Weekend Adventures”

  1. KK said

    Whoa. That is awesome. Looks like one of my teachers at school, strangely – or perhaps, not so strangely. I mean, look at the one raised eyebrow, the sardonic expression of someone who’s been given the right answer but not the one in the NCERT textbook, and is therefore about to cross it out in red ink.

  2. sottai said

    I was convinced it was a photo of my Maths teacher on the day she sets the annual examination paper.

  3. Marc said

    That image scared me to death! You have to put a warning on these things…

  4. krishashok said

    Is she attempting to play the veena with her palm? Palm muting perhaps.

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