Birthday Gifts, Part 2: Porsches and Iker Casillas

January 22, 2009

So, whew.

I hunted around the interwebs for a good porsche scale model, finally finding one here. I was looking for something a bit simple and bit boxy, so I could edit it easily to add my own decals  (like a custom license plate) and paint job (Inspired by the superlative, and in my opinion, the last great Need for Speed game: Porsche Unleashed)

Didn’t entirely succeed there, but I managed to make a decently recognizable 911 – its a boring grey, but so are the starter cars in Porsche Unleashed, so yay. I found a little LEGO person on a random search of an old cupboard – wearing a helmet, even. So I plonked him down on top of the Porsche.

Then I went out looking for a good profile shot of that bloke Casillas, then printed, cut it out, pasted on some slightly thicker paper, then wound it with some thread on the robot I’d previously made (I cut out circles for the eyes, don’t worry).

So now, progress photos. This is all I have so far. It looks quite awful in this photo, but I promise its only moderately revolting in real life.


I really wish I had a better camera. The eyes of Iker Casillas scare me in low resolution.

So that’s, from left, Professor Layton (with a slightly disembodied head), the Iker-Casillas impersonating one-armed robot (who shall soon be grafted onto another Iker Casillas impersonating one-armed robot) and the Porsche with the LEGO Man (It looks a bit deformed there, but I’ve reglued it since then – so its much better proportioned now)

Ofcourse, more detail will be added later with a permanent marker (serial numbers, inside jokes, etc etc) – and I’ve finally solved the tricky problem of transporting this near-disaster.But I have less than a week left! *gulp*

Next: The Second of the Robots, and the ‘Uber-Cool’ Signage.


9 Responses to “Birthday Gifts, Part 2: Porsches and Iker Casillas”

  1. KK said

    Where’s the hat brim?
    I just pulled out the paperccraft Super Mario you gave me last year… I shall photograph that – once I stick his right arm back on – and mail it to you so you can put that up here as another example of your genius!

    • sottai said

      Ah, well spotted. The hat brim is away for minor repairs – It kept bending at the edges, so Im thinking I’ll probably glue on an extra sheet of pape to make it more stable.

      And =) about Iker Casillas. It’s quite creepy if you put a torchlight behind it, turn off the lights, and make ‘Wooo’ noises.

  2. KK said

    Whoops… extra c in papercraft.

  3. KK said

    Bit I’m intrigued by the Iker Casillas mask. It is rather cool, however.

  4. KK said

    And very postmodern!

  5. Aishwarya said

    Hmm. I know a Casillas fan whose birthday is soon. I don’t suppose…?

  6. Aishwarya said

    This is all most hilarious.

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