Birthday Gifts, Final Part: Postmortem

January 28, 2009

I horribly botched the whole thing.

No, really. I did.

So I get stuck in a traffic jam, and the birthday person has, like, 30 seconds to meet me. So i give her the gift, and she takes it and swings the cover over her shoulder, and it lands with a dull thud, which I think dislodged the Lego man from his poorly cellophaned place. ‘Umm..’ I began, beginning to panic about the state of the gift. ‘Happy Birthday.’

So then I tried to hug her, which ended with me kinda vaguely clutching her shoulder for a few seconds while she remained perfectly still (and rather bemused I’d imagine).

Then she wanted to look at it, right – with me wishing I was far away at this point. I kept imagining a chaotic jumble of loose paper – the gift had been through a horrible auto ride, my brave sprint across the last 400 metres, and the sudden sweeping motion of its container across her shoulder. Mild dislodgement was looking like a best-case scenario.

Thankfully, it was mostly intact…the Porsche seemed to have gotten a bit loose, but otherwise, I have to admit, it looked rather spiffy (Don’t believe the pictures). The cellphone cover had held admirably, as had all the last-minute cellotape. She laughed uncertainly, which I suppose was okay – I mean, how DO you react to two creepy Iker Casillas faces staring back at you, holding a poorly proportioned Happy Birthday sign?

Then she gets a phone call. We talk for a small bit, she says she has to go. ‘Thank You,’ she says, holding up the gift briefly in my direction, and leaves.

I stood for a while. It was rather cold out, so I walked down to the Metro station and went back to office.

I get a text on the way. G. My embarrassment, it said, is a constant source of much amusement (It also used the word ‘cute’. Win!)

Source of amusement. Ha. Now where have I heard that before?

So, pictures. This is possibly the last you’ll hear of the gift. I might, maybe, do a post on it later..but it seems unlikely. It was one of the more difficult gifts to put together, and I think my cellotape and glue skills have leveled up multiple times. I think I’m right now at the stage where I’m horribly embarrassed to be even giving it, and deciding never to do this sort of thing again. But it’s a phase. It’ll pass.

This is what it looked like 30 minutes before I gave it. Apologies for the blurry pictures.


*shudder* The Casillas eyes still creep me out


Right, then. Colouring Fun returns from next week!


2 Responses to “Birthday Gifts, Final Part: Postmortem”

  1. Aishwarya said

    Personally, I am highly amused. But the gift looks excellent!

    • sottai said

      Thank you!

      I blame all the amusement antics on the traffic jam. Well, that and my complete lack of social refinement.

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