I Can Has Gnome!

January 30, 2009

Found this today, in the French Wikipedia, of all things:

Un sottai (ou sotê) est une petite créature légendaire cavernicole du folklore wallon, frère du nuton et comparable au lutin français.

which, processed through Google’s arcane Babelfish-powered translator thingamajig, emerged as:

A Sottai (or SOTE) is a small cave legendary creature of wallon folklore , brother of nutons and similar to elf [in] French.

I blinked at this point. Intrigued, I put the rest of the article through the thingamajig, especially the part where it goes on to describe these sottais thusly:

D’après les récits populaires, ils étaient très petits et basanés

which, to my complete disbelief, meant:

According to popular stories, they were very small and brown

Now that right there, is quite possibly the most accurate description of me I’ve ever read. Ever.

This is also, as you realize, wonderful news!

I was always suspected of being a gnome (Yes, R, this means you),
so in a way I’m glad this whole identity crisis has been sorted out. Hurray for gnome-ness!


6 Responses to “I Can Has Gnome!”

  1. K.Ramachandran said

    Very interesting and informative

  2. krishashok said

    Hmm. Gnome eh? I always thought you were more of a KDE. As in “Sariyaana KDE”

  3. Reetika said


    I don’t believe this. Who is this R person? I always thought you were a gnome .

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