Pigeon Fishing

February 3, 2009

Yesterday, I went pigeon fishing.Well, I tried to atleast – I’m not very good at it yet.

(Actually, the more accurate title would be ‘pigeon-intimidating’ or ‘messing-with-pigeon-gastronomy’ , depending on your skill level. I’ll explain.)

To pigeon fish, you’ll need:

a) A Balcony, with robust pigeon traffic in the general neighbourhood

b) A strong rope.

c) Churpis – to double as weapon, bait and prank mechanism.

Churpis are remakable things. They exist as thick, solid chunks of dried yak/buffalo cheese, and beat even cockroaches in their ability to survive apocalypses. In the event of one, and this is good advice right here, I’d be inclined to stock up on these more than tinned food and boxed supplies.

See, in an apocalypse – what you’re looking for is the advantage of multiple-purpose. Speed and agility could be important, and its vital not to get burdened down with too many items to carry. This is where the Churpi is indispensable – it is a blunt weapon of reasonable effetiveness, source of food that will not go bad, and general purpose lever in case of any physics puzzles you might encounter (and you will. All the games about the apocalypse predict you will)

So, pigeon fishing. The first step is to assemble the tools of the trade…


From left: Screwdriver, hammer and stick of Churpi.

…and carve out a nice little irregular chunk of Churpi for bait. Now, tie it around one end of a rope and tie the other end around the end of a balcony, like so:


Now sling this combination over the balcony and gently lower it down to where the pigeons are blissfully lounging.


Now, most pigeons will run away at the first sight of your rock-like bait slowly descending from the heavens, but it is possible to catch a few unawares. Alternatively, you could leave it suspended for a while, and sneakily yank it as soon as a curious pigeon attempts to nibble on it.

In my 10 minute run – I managed to startle 3 pigeons, wildly swing at one (and miss), and upset atleast one pigeon-stomach (though, frankly, that was the pigeon’s fault and not mine)

Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. More practice will happen next Sunday.


3 Responses to “Pigeon Fishing”

  1. Marc said

    What… why… what…

  2. krishashok said

    I’m going to complain to PETA. Perhaps they can do a protest. In the buff. Or something. I demand that you sling a digene pill the next time you pigeon fish. To help the poor pigeon who is probably telling stories to his/her grandchildren about the bespectacled Homo Sapiens monster who attempted a stunt involving some rope and rock masquerading as food (the churpi)

  3. amla said

    krish! pigeons? why? sounds like something a 9 year old bully would do!

    on second thoughts, lol! pigeons with upset stomachs *giggles and has everybody else at work turn around*

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