Clearing Out my Outbox

February 8, 2009

I’m terrible at Twitter. 

The problem isn’t the concept: I find the idea of SMS length updates quite comforting, and my twitter stream occasionally sees prodigious spurts of activity. But I guess I haven’t quite reached the critical mass both in terms of network and breadth of updates to make it…compulsive. 

Very few of my close friends use Twitter, which kind of destroys the variety in the amount of things I would tweet about, which in turn destroys most of the unique need for using the service in the first place – echoes of 1999-00, when Z would insist I email him even when the phone worked perfectly well.

The problem is, a lot of my 140 character spontaneity is directed at specific people, and very rarely at the world at large. Said people are spread out among various modes of communications, twitter rarely figuring here. I find the most convenient to be SMS, though a lot of these messages rarely get sent…either out of embarrassment (most of the time), loss of timeliness (sometimes) or both. 

Now these hog vital SMS memory space – my rather basic phone has space for about 80 in total – so what better way to permanently record these little thngs than in a blog post?

Think of as a monthly Twitter digest that never was tweeted. 

Here goes:

1. “Mandi House is a happy place. You get the best Aloo Jeera in the world, there are trees everywhere, and HPMC Apple Juice is only 6 rupees a glass!”

This is all true. This was when I was I was wandering around the area before the start of a play at the annual National School of Drama fest. 

2. “Watching someone rooting around a MCD dustbin with great determination, much to the bemusement of the large crowd now gathering around her. “

It turned out they were looking for a cellphone, which was in a cover along with some packets of chips that had been thrown into the dustbin. 

3. Rain! Hooray! Wake up, you!

Rain is good. Especially unexpected, friendly rain. Like this particular rain, which had the awesomeness of light showers with none of the weighty overwrought messiness of a heavy spell of dampness.

However, I figured all this would escape the somnolent friend I was trying to wake up at 6 in the morning, so this one was never sent. 

4. I find the rather unsubtle hindu religious propaganda on display at the Rajghat book store quite disturbing.

I did. The Rajghat bookstore sells, apart from the works of Gandhi, self-help, hokey religious texts and what appeared to be the Hindi equivalents of digests of Bhakti magazine. 

5. Ask the iPod oracle!

With an eclectic enough iPod…putting questions to it and pressing ‘Shuffle’ for answers in the form of song titles is surprisingly hilarious. It once told us to ‘Sleep the Clock Around’ on a saturday, and pronounced ‘Libertarianism’ as the reason behind a friend’s difficult behaviour. 

6. I’m watching the unluckiest game of Brick ever played. Poor guy has been trying to hit one brick for the last 15 minute. 

…and it was level 1!

I'm sure you sympathize.

I'm sure you sympathize.

7. How do tomatoes behave so obediently here?

I don’t remember why I wrote this. I’m not sure I want to. 

9. Patricia Cromwell, Fern Michaels, Sandra Brown, Catherine Coulter

The four best marketed authors at Daryaganj. They’re everywhere!

10. The Wind Up Bird Chronicles of Narnia- being the adventures of a man with an existential crisis who descends down a well to find another world, population: One. A ravenous and rather unfriendly lion. 

My contribution to the ‘literary mashups‘ meme. 

11. Just had the most awkward lunch ever. I stared pointedly at my toes, ate my food with admirable concentration, and in a rare moment of social bravado – launched an impassioned critique of a book being discussed, which no one seemed to hear. 

…the book was White Tiger. The lunch, which was excellent, was at a place called Mosaic in Connaught Place. 

12. If I die on this trip, which is seeming increasingly likely, I would like it to be known that ‘Pardesi Girl’ was not my choice of music. 

This was in Darjeeling, in fading light and a wobbly Chevrolet Tavera careening down the roads at unquestionably illegal speeds. 


5 Responses to “Clearing Out my Outbox”

  1. Z said

    But… but… Invisionfree PMs were so convenient! The alternative was the terrible Yahoo email service.

    I sometimes have the same problem with unsent messages, except in my case it would turn out that I had long since run out of credit (‘balance’).

  2. Aishwarya said

    Were you also on this much-lamented Darjeeling trip then?

  3. sottai said

    @Aishwarya: Yes, even though I’m completely omitted from my brother’s version of things. I arrived separately, no delays, and spent a full 3 days there. I had quite an awesome time. 🙂

    @Z: Heh. This one message you once sent (about a year and a half back) about setting up opposing paper armies on a tabletop, remains one of the best SMSes I’ve ever received.

  4. Z said

    How could you still have that? Send it back to me, I’ve forgotten.

  5. sottai said

    @ Z: Gaah. It’s in my old phone, at home somewhere. But I think it goes something like:

    ‘I’m so bored I’m arranging paper armies on opposing sides of my table. So far I’ve got a poorly proportioned tank, a couple of infantry units and a generic missile. But I drew a nuclear symbol next to it, so it’s a nuke now.’

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