Tsk Tsk

February 9, 2009

(Some people exaggerate.

They also leave out vital dramatis personae from the narrative. Especially ones who can provide an alternative, and corroborative version of things.)

So I went to Darjeeling and Nepal two weeks ago, over the republic day weekend.

The trip was excellent.

It started with a huge win, as I bumped into one Sitaram Yechury at Bagdogra airport –  where I put on my journalist mask, took out a notepad and a (non-functional) pen, and asked him a few questions about the Gorkhaland agitation.


The TV media taking over

The banner holders also sang an awesome 'Red Salute' song on Yechury's appearance

The banner holders also sang an awesome 'Red Salute' song on Yechury's appearance- It went, approximately, 'Red Sa-lut Red Sa-lut/Com-rad Ye-chury/ Wellll-Come!'

I then ate at the (awesome) Hotel Hotel…:

...with attached Restaurant Restaurant.

...with attached Restaurant Restaurant.

…which can only be entered by crossing a chasm on a narrow plank,  then wall-running up a stone platform and clearing a barbed wire fence:


Then I found a place G would have loved and frequently frequented:


…and saw deadly, sharp, curved blades being advertised thusly:


I spent a happy few hours here, reading up on the city and the Gorkhaland movement:


…and wished I could meet the intriguing:


The problem with the traditional one-day sight-seeing tour in Darjeeling, and indeed any hill station, isn’t so much the places themselves, its what they’re forced to do to deal with a flood of reckless and irresponsible tourists.

This is what you’ll mostly see if you ever attempt one of them, and its enormously saddening:





I also took my first ever step into a foreign country!




6 Responses to “Tsk Tsk”

  1. Z said

    I didn’t even know you had gone, from KA’s post. It seemed like he considered you a part of the women’s group… *evil grin*

  2. krishashok said

    I wasn’t exaggerating. Just some expressive gymnastics, that’s all 🙂 And the girls in the group had demanded that their participation be kept secret for office purposes (Apparently, a lot of senior manager types have nothing better to do than read my blog at work). So I had assumed that your soon-to-be-ex-employer fell in the same boat

  3. krishashok said

    The reason I did not include him was simple. He had a thoroughly pleasant trip from Delhi to Darjeeling and back. All the drama happened on the Chennai-Darjeeling circuit. All the time we had in common was the one day in Darjeeling, which we did throughly enjoy.

    And since you mentioned it, I does make sense to include him in the women’s group, because he single-handedly improved the GDP of the entire expat Tibetan community with his shopping spree

  4. decimator said

    Dei…..rich & spoilt kids….

    ideally..for maximum fun…i would have taken =>
    Coramandal Express -> Darjeeling Mail -> Toy Train

  5. krishashok said

    Dear Decimator

    The rich and spoilt kids unfortunately do not have 15 days of holidays that are required to spend the 30 hours on Coromandel, 14 hours on Darjeeling mail and 8 hours on the toy train ONE WAY

  6. amla said

    lol at the dagger ad and the fujii guruji 😀

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