Sottai and the Cellphone Camera

February 10, 2009

I made a comic! And…no, that’s not the final title.


I hope to do this much more regularly, and with (hopefully) greater sophistication.

But i’m pleased with this as a start…the scanning process destroys what little nuance there is in the drawings – something I promise will improve once I get a Digital Tablet (so I can draw directly into Photoshop).

Shamelessly inspired by Tasha (and Jim’s Journal), but what the heck: it was incredible fun to make. What do you think?


3 Responses to “Sottai and the Cellphone Camera”

  1. Ayeshea Perera said

    I LOVE it! Sprite… mwaahahahahaha. Mong Fail. Seriously great stuff.

  2. Z said

    Looks great! The style is unlike anything I’ve seen before. You even coloured it with… colour pencils?

    Also the scanning angle seems off. If you are using a notebook it will be difficult to photograph it or scan it since the page will always be at an angle to the lens. I suggest drawing on sheets of paper or tearing off the pages after drawing and then digitizing them.

    Drawing in Photoshop is completely different from drawing on paper and the tablet was an investment I didn’t want to make because there was the chance I might lose interest quickly. I highly recommend drawing and inking your stuff on paper and then scanning it. The only disadvantage is the inability to erase and make corrections easily.

  3. sottai said

    Yeah, that’s part of the problem: I’m not skilled enough to maintain dimensions and consistency across frames: I used a graph paper notebook here to help, but if I want to attempt anything a bit more complicated (like other characters) – i’ll need some digital help.

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