Weekend Adventures 3

February 19, 2009

Quite an adventure-filled weekend, this one (no doubt spurred by my transitional employment status). I went and played some lawn tennis (comic on that misadventure soon), visited some odd places on a whim, read a great book, jumped up and down at the release of a new game, and hatched plans for the next weekend! Win all over.

I went to the Delhi Zoo, which felt the need to clarify, outside the crocodile enclosure that:


Other ‘dangers’ that visitors needed to be informed about, included:


Then, at the National Museum, they ahd an exhibition going called ‘Reflections of Indian Consciousness’, where I found this stunning, sinister sculpture from the 11th century:


And finally, a rather unique alternative to the familiar ‘Beware of Dogs’ thief deterrent:


It says 'Policemen live inside this complex'


4 Responses to “Weekend Adventures 3”

  1. Z said

    The reason for the first sign is the scum that throw things at the crocodiles to get them to move. They don’t understand that a zoo is different from a circus.

    Last sign – priceless.

    • sottai said

      Yes. There were dozens of plastic bottles inside the enclosure. Sad.

      Even in a place like Corbett, people expect a sort-of guided tour of all possible entertainment: You don’t see a tiger, your trip was apparently a waste. Consequently, there’s extra pressure to make sure tiger sightings are common enough to get people to come back…which makes it, like you said, a circus more than a conservation effort.

  2. saumya said

    AWESOME. couldn’t stop laughing.

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