#3 and #4: Corbett and Playing Tennis

February 27, 2009

I went to the lovely Corbett Tiger Reserve last week. More detailed post on that a bit later (with pictures!), but I have temporary access to a scanner, so here’s two new comic strips, and the spiffy scans I promised earlier.

Clickyclick for larger size pictures:


This second one is a bit old, but scanned only now:


Another old one:


I should probably create a separate page for the comics, but its a bit of work, so I’ll get around to it eventually. Till then, of course, I can shamelessly pass off these backlogs as new posts. Hooray for procrastination!


4 Responses to “#3 and #4: Corbett and Playing Tennis”

  1. Z said

    Ya know, if you get that domain set up I could get some sort of webcomic set up.

  2. pffermintpatti said

    I like how quietly insane ‘Biting’ is.

  3. amla said

    awesome piece of work, krish! especially the 1st one 🙂

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