Three more Comics

March 5, 2009

Why yes, I have been rather productive this last week.

The middle panel in this one didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to, but I do play the Zelda Item Fanfare in my head whenever I get a plate of momos. It’s true.

And the last panel is also true. The auto was completely empty. No driver, no ethereal aura, nothing. Not even a tractor beam. It just…moved.


Drawing this next one made me happy: I obsessed over the colouring for a while, and its possibly the most complex one I’ve attempted so far.  The game depicted here is the utterly daft and brilliant Elite Beat Agents, in which, and I’m going to let the official site describe this for you:

The main characters of Elite Beat Agents are members of a fictional government agency responsible for helping those in need. The agents encourage the person through their dancing and the people they assist are instilled with motivation that helps them overcome various obstacles.


And then there’s this. I quite like this one. It’s also completely true.



4 Responses to “Three more Comics”

  1. Z said

    I was rendered speechless after seeing that game. Colouring turned out pretty good too.

  2. gauri said

    You know, the rickshaw (auto to you :P) in particular has come out really nice! Weird thing to comment on, I know. but it just caught my attention 🙂


  3. sottai said

    Hehe. thanks! I was quite pleased with it too, until I started colouring in the tyres yellow, for some reason (You can still see it)

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