More Comics

March 13, 2009

Buried in work, so here’s three new comics to buy more time for the next post (where I’ll be exploring the rather tragic impact of financial poverty on my life generally and my lunch specifically)

First one was drawn on Holi – its mostly experimental, and therefore poorly drawn, but I wanted to try and draw me (and others) in a pose other than standing, and locations other than abstract squiggly lines and exposition.

It turned out a little more verbose than I’d anticipated, but I’m still reasonably happy with it. (By the way, those are water pistols in Panel 1. Both models actually exist.)


It was only a matter of time before Kitty and Witty (of Livemedia infamy – those infernal televisions now in every restaurant and/or bar) made an appearance here, something even the bloody company accepts is a ‘a clever rendition of poor jokes through animation.’ Wow.


And, sigh, start-of-week gaming tragedy:



4 Responses to “More Comics”

  1. Z said

    Hahaha, I laugh at you from my instant quicksave emulator heights.

    • sottai said

      What annoys me is that this savegame system from the 80s has probably been preserved to pander to the purists, and to make the remake feel more like the classic.

      If you go to the ‘Save’ menu in the game, it rather high-handedly informs you that, if you’re not at a save point, you should ‘close the DS to put it on standby, but make sure it doesn’t run out of battery.’

  2. amla said

    i love the last strip! 🙂

  3. i love your strips!
    your office ones in particular are very Dilbert-esque. and i mean that as high praise.

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