Previously, on Biblestar Craptacula

March 23, 2009


[Necessary rant about the Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Finale. Mostly Spoiler-Free]

There are so many mediocre ways to end a good series. At one level, I can even understand the difficulty of tying loose ends that have festered in the narrative for years, and the task of satisfactorily bringing character development arcs to a close is indeed a daunting one.

But what you generally, as a rule, try to avoid, is the following:

– HUGE deus ex machina that decides the fate of the main characters
– A conclusion so improvised it’s insulting.
– Declaring unsolved plot threads as ‘red herrings’ that the writers guessed ‘no one would notice’
– Inciting the collective fury of the Internet.

Battlestar Galactica, meet sweet online geek rage.

The word ‘clusterfrak’ is doing the rounds as the adjective of choice, and its not far off the mark: after 4 seasons of intelligent storytelling, excellent characters and situations, and a reasoned if sometimes obscurantist meditation on the relationship between man and technology, yesterday’s finale was nothing short of a betrayal: a conclusion so heavy handed, convenient and lazy that, for me, its almost unraveled the excellence of the series so far.

Its unfortunately difficult to write the conclusion off as an aberration, and pretend the rest of the series can stand on its own: too much hung in the balance for this one, and the humongous plot reveals throw whatever shred of intrigue you had left for the characters out the nearest airlock.



2 Responses to “Previously, on Biblestar Craptacula”

  1. krishashok said

    “Clusterfrak” would be a noun, not an adjective

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