Crates, Spiders and Edible Cigarettes

April 9, 2009

4 new comics!





8 Responses to “Crates, Spiders and Edible Cigarettes”

  1. Thatisthetruth said

    I just chanced upon this blog and I had to tell you this was the cutest thing I had ever read. Every comic strip had me saying Awww!!! Uber cute!!

  2. KK said

    Ha ha. Awesome stuff. You still get Rola-Cola? I love that! Why is it that the jewel ring and Rola-Cola have a price tag, while the edible cigarettes don’t?
    I’m intrigued by the ‘Cha-Cha Winners’, by the way.

  3. Sruthi said

    It was called Phantom!!!

    • amish said

      no sruthi. phantom was drawn. i think it was called harnik!:D
      but uber cool. and mr sottai. i is going to take away the raju spider from u and outcaste it into the deepest pits of hell that is opening right outside bathroom window.
      please please.
      and let’s instead get a dog. a real one.

  4. sottai said

    @Truth: =) Thank you!

    @KK: Ah, well…I couldnt find Edible Cigarettes myself, I was given a box of them by a friend, who managed to locate one somewhere in a Delhi suburb.

    @Sruthi: Phantom was a competing brand. Winners was almost as popular up north.

    @Amish: NO.

  5. amish said

    yo man we cud get this dog–just 4 inches long. doesnt even bite. common.–Tom-Thumb-cute-pic

    think bout it.

  6. pffermintpatti said

    Sweet ciggies!!!!!!!!! Damn. Must go get those. And man, I want to hit those prof types. HR at work does that. She says hi to the pores on my scalp every morning.

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