Room-mate Blues

April 27, 2009

My room-mate left for home today.



I’m really going to miss this guy. =(


5 Responses to “Room-mate Blues”

  1. gauri said

    That’s one good thing about online buddies – no packing, no missing – except when there’s no wi-fi 😐

    I’ve been meaning to ask you – the paper/notebook you draw on – is it the “square-ruled” notebook we’d use back in primary school for maths? You still get those? :)) (Alright, I guess that’s like asking “are there still kids in the 4th grade?” :P)

    So (ok, I’ll ask on your next cartoon…super-long comment, avoidable :-|)


    • sottai said

      Haha. true…though around 5-6 years ago, there was a lot of packing and moving: Yahoo to Hotmail to Rediffmail to those strange obscure ones people got for kicks (I once had a id). It’s a good thing gmail came along.

      And yes! It is. I picked it up on a whim at a shop inside JNU – partly for the cover, which is green and orange and has saluting kids on it. =)

  2. Zeba said

    I doodle on such books. Very convinient. But used to hate them as a kid. I remember writing my times table in them, again and again. What a torture. I love gmail.

  3. alicia said

    Helo there,
    came across your page and entertained myself with giggles.
    Just saying hi and funny stuff:)

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