En Route

May 6, 2009

So, yeah.

Anger is pretty rare for me, and even in the unlikely confluence of events that leads to its manifestation, my facial muscles tend to confuse ‘latent rage’ with ‘wave of nausea’. What they should be doing, cheeky little bastards, is putting on convincing public displays of affectation that agrees with the boiling fury inside: you know, clenched mouth, heavy breathing, fist thumping and the likes.

Instead, my dubiously¬† confident friends conjure a combination of facial twitches better suited for attempting to keep your lunch inside. People usually ask me if I’m feeling okay when they should be cowering in fear, or reaching for their defensive apparatii. This tends to confuse my anger a bit, and it usually retreats to under the metaphorical mental dining table, where all my other mental states (who are all mental haha) sit around eating ice cream and talking disjointedly about….i dunno, balloons or something.

So, why am I angry?

Well. I’ve been working this job, you see, for the last few months, and I’ve been really enjoying the work in itself….it’s exposed me to a fascinating set of viewpoints and opinions that have not so much affected my wordview as firebombed it. repeatedly. (Why I’m making this sound like radiation, i will never know).

But shit has happened, as it always does, and things are a bit difficult right now. I know the blog has suffered for it, I’ve hardly had time (and place) to draw, or think, or play. I promise a larger, and more straightforward update soon: but let me sum it up in one sentence. I’m broke, unemployed, homeless and shifting cities.

Right then. Enough of that. Have some comics, internet peoples!






8 Responses to “En Route”

  1. Zeba said

    First timer at your blog. But love your comic strip. AWESOME!!

    Its ok to be broke, unemployed and shifting cities once in a while. It is temporary and things always work out fine. They do. So dont u worry about it n continue with the comics!!

  2. KK said

    Where do I get Mother Dairy’s five-rupee cola sticks in Chennai?
    (I’m about to leave for home now, and your comic strip has made me decide to hit the beach, sit on my favourite wall next to the skating rink, and contemplate life while consuming an ice lolly – if I don’t find a Mother Dairy ice cream dude, I’ll probably have the Walls Jiggly Wiggly – which is this intensely purple cross between an ice lolly and blackcurrant jelly)
    Your long-haired version looks kinda like the people in the ‘Archie 3000’ stories that turned up now and then in the Archie comics did.
    Which was this awesome book you finished reading?

  3. sottai said

    Thank you! =)
    Haha, I hope it does. If not anything else, I have to admit its given me a lot of material for more comics.

    Awesome. Ooh, I love the Jiggly Wiggly (is it called the Paddle Pop?), though A looks at me with distaste whenever I say this. The awesome book was Michael Chabon’s ‘The Yiddish Policeman’s Union’, which is this detective story set in Alaska, in an alternate history where Israel bites the dust in the early 50s. The writing is absolutely lovely.

    • KK said

      I went to the beach yesterday, only to find that my favourite wall had disappeared. Part of the ‘beautification’ process, I guess.
      For some reason, I didn’t have a jiggly wiggly. I instead had a tender coconut and six pieces of manga.

    • sottai said

      Dude, the wall near the skating rink is gone? Waah!
      Tender Coconut + Maanga is an incredible combination. Did you have them plain, or dabbed with that orange masala?

    • KK said

      Liberally smeared with masala.

  4. Ayeshea said

    A much better choice KK! er.. did you have much pineapple?

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