Chak De GTA?

August 17, 2009


The ‘latest’ videogame doing the rounds at Nehru Place.



15 Responses to “Chak De GTA?”

  1. Dear Sottai,

    This is brilliance. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it first. The in-game audio will be non-stop bhangra.


    Puppy Manohar

  2. krishashok said

    Dear Puppy Manohar,

    Re: non-stop Bhangra radio

    Not necessarily. There will be a 94.8 FM for traditional, non-remixed Bhangra. There will be 98.2 FM for popular Lollywood Bhangra from the Pakistan side of Punjab. 100.6 FM will cover acapella Bhangra, while 101.8 FM is dedicated to UK-based Sagoo-esque Bhangra and finally 102.8 FM will rock da party with Bhangra Hip-hop crossover, and will host Akshay Kumar rapping to “Singh is Kinng”.


    Krish Ashok

    • sottai said

      You forget:

      All-India-Radio Bhangra, with historic bhangra mixtapes and quiz shows. Lots of quiz shows.

  3. krishashok said

    Although, it strikes me that “Grand Theft Tractor” might be more culturally relvant

    • Jyotishko said

      Grand Theft Auto tractor with Kareena Kapoor occasionally saying ‘Desi kahika” from the top of one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sottai said

      Grand Theft Tractoring might be difficult though. Sure, you could appropriate one from its current owner, but making a speedy getaway will be a challenge.

  4. shauryashaurya said

    hahaha ah! this could be the answer to the Gurgaon Jatt road rage rampage huh! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Gents (and ladies, if present. Although, seeing that this is a discussion about video games, that’s fairly unlikely),

    I think a better idea would be to take “Grand Theft Auto” more literally and have a version with autorickshaws. That gives rise to some interesting possibilities; you can start off in a non-controversial city like, say, Bikaner and slowly work yourself up to Madras aka Chennai, where stealing Autos is slightly more challenging.

    That way, you can have the entire Urban Indian Experience ™, with radio stations that range from Bhangra in the punjab, to blade Bengali intellectual discourse in Kolkotta, to gaana paattu in Chennai.


    Puppy Manohar

    • krishashok said

      Oh yes. That will be brilliant. I additionally recommend an easter egg featuring a special Gatling-gun mounted auto that can mow down morons driving SUVs while playing annoyingly loud (and bass boosted) dubchick music

  8. Er… But how is the game really? Did anyone play it?

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  10. Parminder Sohal said

    Has anyone played it yet?

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