I had five minutes with a digital camera in a room illuminated by one 100 watt light bulb. Apologies for the funny but inevitable shadows, and clicky click for larger size versions.

side profiles!

part of an attempt to draw pages instead of individual strips. they're both equally unfocussed and random, though.

this is all true. Keventers is a tiny bakery near Wengers in Connaught Place.

the second law should sound familiar to fans of The Wire.


true story.

More tomorrow.

Weekend Adventures 11

January 29, 2010

This weekend, I went to Jaipur, where I was forced to eat this:

drink this:

and stare hypnotically at things like this:

I also met these guys. Bunch of writers, apparently. Nice people.

Weekend Adventures 10

January 5, 2010

This weekend, I went shopping:

Then, I saw some atrocious photoshoppery:

And started work on a new notebook of silly doodles. Here’s a sample:


January 2, 2010

So, 2009.

Here’s how it compared to the year before.

Moments of complete and utter clarity
– The ‘Unlimited Momos’ lunch at Yum Yum Tree. Their cappucino ice-cream + mud pie dessert is to die for.

– The four all nighters I remember:

1. Playing Guitar Hero / Rock Band that involved me belting out Radiohead’s Creep at 5 in the morning
2. Reading CHina Mieville’s City & The City
3. Watching Season 5 of The Wire with the room-mate
4. Back to back games of  Settlers of Catan with L, KK, RR and N.

– Arriving in Delhi, and being able to send the ‘Hey, I’m back. Let’s meet up?’ message again.

– Watching Avial live in concert. Jumping up and down, screaming in pseudo-Malayalam with atleast a 1000 other people.

– Buying KK’s purple inflatable mace, his subsequent misplacement of purple mace, and the thought of a purple mace blocking traffic on one of Chennai’s arterial roads (though it should be a ‘veinal road’ since it being people to the heart of the city, no?)


– In Corbett, on a jeep – watching a herd of Elephants lazing about on the grassland.

(atrociously enhanced photo by the much-missed AM)

– making Paneer Jangpuri

Ponyo on the Cliff By the Sea

– Buying my tiny bookshelf and filling it up!

– finishing the Arrested Development inspired cover to the first book filled with my silly comic scribbles (I’ll upload them all as soon as I have access to a scanner. Promise)

Here’s a closeup of the cast of characters:

Moments of complete and utter despair:
(not going to dwell on this very much)

– Going back home.

– The three months at my second job. Three whole months. I can’t believe I survived.

– In retrospect, this.

– Being evicted suddenly, and standing out A’s house at 10 PM, all my luggage in hand, waiting for her to come back home.

Happy 2010, everyone!