January 2, 2010

So, 2009.

Here’s how it compared to the year before.

Moments of complete and utter clarity
– The ‘Unlimited Momos’ lunch at Yum Yum Tree. Their cappucino ice-cream + mud pie dessert is to die for.

– The four all nighters I remember:

1. Playing Guitar Hero / Rock Band that involved me belting out Radiohead’s Creep at 5 in the morning
2. Reading CHina Mieville’s City & The City
3. Watching Season 5 of The Wire with the room-mate
4. Back to back games of  Settlers of Catan with L, KK, RR and N.

– Arriving in Delhi, and being able to send the ‘Hey, I’m back. Let’s meet up?’ message again.

– Watching Avial live in concert. Jumping up and down, screaming in pseudo-Malayalam with atleast a 1000 other people.

– Buying KK’s purple inflatable mace, his subsequent misplacement of purple mace, and the thought of a purple mace blocking traffic on one of Chennai’s arterial roads (though it should be a ‘veinal road’ since it being people to the heart of the city, no?)


– In Corbett, on a jeep – watching a herd of Elephants lazing about on the grassland.

(atrociously enhanced photo by the much-missed AM)

– making Paneer Jangpuri

Ponyo on the Cliff By the Sea

– Buying my tiny bookshelf and filling it up!

– finishing the Arrested Development inspired cover to the first book filled with my silly comic scribbles (I’ll upload them all as soon as I have access to a scanner. Promise)

Here’s a closeup of the cast of characters:

Moments of complete and utter despair:
(not going to dwell on this very much)

– Going back home.

– The three months at my second job. Three whole months. I can’t believe I survived.

– In retrospect, this.

– Being evicted suddenly, and standing out A’s house at 10 PM, all my luggage in hand, waiting for her to come back home.

Happy 2010, everyone!


2 Responses to “2009”

  1. KK said

    I am massively pleased to have been part of two of your moments of complete and utter clarity in the year that just went by and I hope I’m part of many more in the future.

  2. Priyam Chakraborty said

    I just found you, I knew you had to be in the blogsphere somewhere!

    And I can see that the pencil doodling has gotten better.

    Congratulations, Sottai, on the one year completion. I shall be following now.

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