!!! (Part 1)

September 5, 2010

Explanations soon.

(Props to KK for the title of this blogpost, being an exploration in the odd dissonance of Krishna Ananthian online discourse)

14 Responses to “!!! (Part 1)”

  1. KK said

    Ooh!!! Awesome!!! I cannot wait to see the rest!!!

  2. sottai said

    Thank you!!! This is only an early work-in-progress…..

    I want to put up more pictures, but I don’t know if I should!!!

  3. Mitra Jain said

    Your drawings are gorgeous.

  4. Reetika said

    Ooh is that what I think it is? =O
    Is there going to be more? And what purpose is this being designed for?

  5. Shrikala said


  6. esskayness said

    I read all your posts in 2 days. at work, ofcourse.. 😀 nice stuff..

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