7 Responses to “Blogroll”

  1. krishashok said

    So this is a plain blogroll, not a aloo-stuffed, spicy blogroll? Put some stuff here man.

  2. KK said

    I agree. I even blogrolled you in the hope that you’ll blogroll me back… Traitor!

  3. KK said

    Your brother even put up a Family Promotion Section in his blog.
    No respect for your elders, I say.

  4. Vani said

    I am deeply intrigued by this page which makes me keep visiting your blog frequently to see what could be the mystery behind it .

  5. Prithvi said

    good stuff dude..liked the one with the box art..neat.

  6. Ponnarasi said

    Hehehe…I liked to read the conversation between KK and Krishashok 😉

  7. is it jalsa or salsa all the way?

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