Colouring Fun 3

January 17, 2009

As Promised.

This week, bring out the pastels for this cheerful picture of an excited Bam Bam Bigelow lookalike (I forget this dude’s name) nibbling on a (nearly) life-size boiled confectionery version of himself!


In other news, work on the birthday gift continues, and I now have a definite date for said birthday, so all is well, and I’m also hopelessly in love with this comic over at Double Fine.

Colouring Fun 2

January 5, 2009

As Promised.

This week, set your crayons to medium-burn with this poignant image of…Sid Vicious (?) overcome with emotion as he holds a faceless mannequin with an oversized right hand in a grip of death.

First Post

December 25, 2008

Hello! (and Merry Christmas!)

Normally, in first postses, you’d talk about the current day…but nothing interesting has happened yet today (unless you count the routine monkey visitation in the morning, and the drudgery at work) so I’m going to talk instead about a few weeks back.

I’d gone to Daryaganj (Delhi’s streetside Sunday book market), which never ceases to amaze me. I’ve started to get a sense of the geography of the place…identifying individual shopkeepers (like the fellow who sells strange self-help books right in the centre of the street), where to look for for what (Scholastic books on the left, Asimovs and classic Sci-fi on the right), even a source of steampunky gadgety goodness, and rare video games (I kid you not, I actually saw a retail copy of the excellent Jagged Alliance 2 once. =O )

Anyways, its almost a regular ritual of sorts to go there atleast once a month – usually with A, for whom it never ceases to amaze more than it never ceases to amaze me.

I was  looking for this:

And hopefully, this and this as well:roald-dahl-the-bfg224eeb6709a0e83b154a0110l

…because it’d been ages since I read them and they were enormously influential for me growing up. Swami, of course, I was hoping to find the edition with the classic, hand drawn cover (Google can’t seem to find this – a gap that must be addressed)

I got off to a decent start – finding a copy of James and the Giant Peach amidst a pile of Artemis Fowls.

Then I got distracted. A new shop, one I had not seen before, had quite a healthy crowd around it – a paper sign saying ‘Import Books’ above a large pile of bizareness, with a blanket price of Rs. 20 per book. I spent nearly half an hour here, finding, among other things:

The undoubtedly stellar but excruciatingly niche:

It had separate chapters for different kinds of seculars.

It had separate chapters for different kinds of seculars.

The intriguing but excluded because of demographic mismatch:

The quote in the bottom-right nails it.

The quote in the bottom-right nails it.

…and the downright bizarre.

The book on the left is apparently quite good. Can't say about the one on the right though - Google denies its existence

The book on the left is apparently a DIY classic. Can't say about the one on the right, though it claims to be a NYT bestseller

But nothing would prepare me for what I found next:


Is it just me, or is Ultimate Warrior's hand a bit painfully positioned?

Now, those of you who grew up faithfully colouring in the strangely surreal pictures in the Saturday Hindu Young World (this one is from 6 years back) – we should probably restart that tradition, especially now that the Hindu’s choice of picture has been steadily going downhill, and the colouring book industry has apparently moved on from timid fantasy creatures to muscled men and women pretending to beat each other to a pulp.

So starting this week, a weekly picture, from the above ‘WWF Big Book’, will be uploaded for colouring fun! This week, enjoy this stunning depiction of someone who looks vaguely like Hulk Hogan (Im guessing from the hair and moustache) and err…[wait, who is the other one?] kcking a potbellied, rather somnolent Earthquake (or is it Typhoon?) in the face.


Have fun. Feel free to colour outside the lines, but no adding gratituous blood spurts. Remember it’s all pretend.