Things to do at least once this year (or the next):

Cook a three course meal
(For the record, it was Salad with Chunky Chat Masala, Dal Fry + Bhindi Fry and Cake!)

Make someone a birthday gift

Visit a foreign country!

Get hopelessly drunk

Draw comics

Create a board game

Start to learn a foreign language

Take someone wonderful out on a long, aimless walk

See tigers!

Write a short story

Bungee Jump

Fill up a bookshelf

Kiss someone I really like

See snow-capped mountains

Buy a fancy jacket for the winter

Do something meaningful at work

Start playing music again

Pull an all-night videogame marathon (Singleplayer doesn’t count)
(It was about as ‘all-night’ as we could manage. Guitar Hero was made for parties)

Go to the Eldorado Bar in Jangpura.

Start the New Delhi Board Games Club
(It’s the Delhi Board Games Society now)

Expanded List created on the occasion of the Chinese New Year

– Visit the Studio Ghibli museum near Tokyo

– Get a fancy haircut

– Buy a next-generation games console

– Find and eat at this Burmese Kitchen place in Delhi

– Go to the ‘Wild Fire’ pub in Gurgaon

– Make a birthday gift

– Expand the Delhi Board Games Society (look us up on Facebook!)

– Throw a successful party

– Get a Tampunk T-shirt

– eat Ramen

– Meet China Mieville (he’ll be in Bangalore in March!)

– Treat someone to that Dimsum lunch in Yum Yum Tree

– Go on a spontaneous weekend holiday
(River Rafting!)

– Visit Lakshadweep!

– Stay colour-free on Holi – FAILED

– Learn Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’ on the guitar.

– Attend an international music festival. Has to be of the Glastonbury, Download, Bonnaroo, SXSW, All Tomorrow’s Parties kind. KINDA DONE.

21 Responses to “Listy Things”

  1. Anusha said

    Three course meal! Three course meal! Get hopelessly drunk! Stuff on the list I want in on.

  2. KK said

    Ah man, fancy jackets. My life, I think, has taken the sorry course it has thanks largely to my parents’ refusal to get me a fancy jacket when I was a kid.
    And now, when I am capable of buying myself a fancy jacket, I do not want one.

    • sottai said

      I think it was the same with me, except it was fancy GI Joe that was always denied.

      Also, I did buy a fancy jacket! it’s dark blue, and has mandarin characters near where the pocket is. So its quite obviously a working-class Chinese jacket.

    • KK said

      Ooh, beauty saar, byooty!

  3. Manju said

    Hey Sottai,

    If time permitted, I would have accompanied you to Eldorado Bar…. hope you fulfill all of these in a month’s time.

    EDIT: Sorry about the edit Manju – Don’t want my real name mentioned here.

  4. krishashok said

    Isnt Knorr Soup, Maggi Noodles and Kulfi a three course meal?

    • sottai said

      Nope, doesn’t count unless the Kulfi is made at home.

      The closest I’ve come so far is: homemade Soup, Maggi and Cake from cake mix. The last was particularly awesome before it got sent to the oven. When it came out, it was merely okay.

  5. Parul said

    Let me know when you want to strike off no. 8. I am not kidding.

  6. Parul said

    =) Wish I was there..

  7. Parul said

    Ooooo.. When and how did the getting hopelessly drunk bit happen?

  8. KK said

    Dude, we should so start a Tampunk T-shirt design contest.

  9. KK said

    And I know I’m a pedant, but isn’t it spelled Lakshadweep?

  10. Dear Sottai,

    Is the long guitar solo part of “Alive” included in your to-do list?


    Puppy Manohar

  11. ekta said

    u’ve inspired me to make my own list

  12. KK said

    Ooh. You went on long, aimless walk. Fantastic!

  13. Ponnarasi said

    Wow..I love this list πŸ˜€ He he …

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